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Lost Valley Lake Resort  Campground

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Lost Valley Lake Resort  Campground

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Lost Valley Lake Resort  Campground
Words cannot express how impressed we came away with all you have done to the resort and also with the new
Riata Ranch development. Reflecting on it since our visit, I feel like I have seen the future of our industry."
Bruce Hoster- President, Coast to Coast

Accessibility:  Being a part of our private resort gives you access to all of our amenities 365 days a year! Come out for the day, the weekend, or a week or more!

Exclusivity: You have to belong to come out and enjoy! This is a place where the general public can't just come out and use our facilities.

Security: We work hard to provide a safe and fun environment for you and your family. You and your kids should feel at ease with our 24-hour security.

Tranquility: Even on a busy holiday weekend, you can still find a little place of your own if you want. With 537 beautiful acres, it is easy to grab a lawn chair and enjoy the outdoors!
Resort Activities
Resort Amenities
Resort Services
Like the water?
Take one of our boats out on the lake!

You can rent a boat for a few hours or all day!
We have several different styles of boats:
paddle boats, canoes, jon boats and kayaks.

Trail Rides

Take the trail less traveled &
explore nature on the back of a horse,
or enjoy a hayride and a bonfire.

We offer pony rides for the little ones.

Relax in one of the lounges or
play a game of cards with friends or family.

Challenge your family to a game of
ping pong or play a game of pool.

Live Music & Dancing

Come dance the night away under the stars at our lodge patio with bandstand or in our beautiful Gentry Hall with a full stage.

The perfect rental room for the bride and groom to celebrate their day. Just one of the many owner benefits at Lost Valley Lake.
Indoor Games

Play a game of mini-golf, shuffleboard, or ....challenge your skills in the arcade room.


Some fun in the sun starts in one of our 4 playgrounds.

Movie Theater

Catch a favorite movie or a baseball game in the Chaplin Movie Theater
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