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Just downlod, print and fill the Contract for sale agreement and fax it to: 417-336-9451 or mail it to: Worldnet Brokerage, 109 N. Veterans Blvd Suite 200, Branson MO 65616

The Internet, God bless for this invention.  This is the most relaxing way to purchase a timeshare and be able to talk it over with your love ones with out the pressure of the "Salesman"

If you have been on a Timeshare Presentation you know what I mean

Purchase a Timeshare is as easy as 1-2-3,

1.- Select the Timeshare that will please the Vacation needs of your Family
2.- Pay the Closing cost of $499.00 (this fee includes Escrow Service, Resort Transfer Fee, Recording Fees, and mailing Fees)
3.- Send a Certified check to the Escrow company for your purchase amount in about 30 -60 days you will have the Deed to the property and begin your dream Vacation.

Remember All Properties on Inventory are Subject to Prior Sale
"First Come first served"
We use the services of a Escrow company to secure the buyers and the seller satisfaction.
Duncan Realty & Escrow
Represented by Susan Duncan President/Broker
Located at
9301 W. Highway 116
Gower, Mo 64454
We have better financing than most Resorts to help you own your dream Vacation

 How to Submit an offer for a Property?

Just fill the form below and send it. if the form is not completed with address phone and credit card, we will disregard the submitting. When you submit an offer to a seller be prepared they may take it.

What happens after the offer is accepted ?  
The Agent from the
office will be contacting you to give you the good news and verifiy your mailing address, at this time you need to put the closing cost down and we begin closing with the Escrow Company

How to find a Timeshare
Here's How:
If you enjoy going to the same location every year, find a fixed-unit Time-Share, which gives you ownership of a specific condo or other property. The deed will state if you must visit the same time each year or if reservations are flexible.
If you like to travel to varied destinations consider a Vacation Club, a Time-Share that lets you choose from multiple locations.
Make a list of several destinations that interest you. Search our web for Time-Share resorts in those locations or e-mail  us wo we can provide you the information.
If a specific Time-Share keeps popping up in good reviews, or in other positive ways, call us to learn more about their resorts.
Attend a timeshare presentation and learn more about it.
Avoid signing a contract the same day a Time-Share is offered to you. Check our Prices first.
Check Internet call or Time-Share Rep to see if they have any resale units at the resort. Time-Share resales are usually much less expensive than new purchases.

Time-Shares can be purchased from the original developer of a resort project or from owners who discover they no longer wish to use the property. Compare our Prices.
Developers usually must offer a 'cooling off' period, which allows you a specific time to back out of a deal with no penalty. That type of law typically does not apply to resale
The Timeshare beat published: That the recent 2003 UCLA Internet Report  Clearly demostrates that the Internet is responsible for up to 60% of timeshare rescissions!
In addition to rescissions caused by the Internet, every day the sales center loses more  money because of savvy Internet users, at least 20% of guests listen to the presentation, like the idea and can't wait to get online to see what kind of a "deal" they can get through the Resale Market.

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