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Worldnet Brokerage A timeshare Resale Outlet assisting timeshare owners since 2000 on their Resale, Rental & Liquidation of Timeshare Properties.
The Try it before you Buy it Timeshare Rental program is available for this Resort.
All Timeshare Properties listed here on this page are Timeshares listed by Owner.
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Dear Timeshare Owner Welcome to Worldnet Brokerage,

This Company was developed to serve the needs of time sharing Owners that no longer can use their timeshare properties; or can't afford it. Somewhere there is the potential buyer who can use your Time share, and save some money. Our job is to put both together and help them. We use an Escrow company for Closing. Our Success is your Satisfaction.

 How we work?
It's simple... we sell direct to Vacationers like yourself, who can see the benefit and savings of timeshare ownership/campground memberships.

We create a wide exposure of your property to owners at your resort, as well as in adjacent resorts, working on anticipated response percentages, we only market your property in the zone where your resort experienced it's highest percentage of sales experience.

We use direct mail, e-mail and phone approaches in order to achieve the highest response for our efforts and our mailing costs.

#1 In Exposure!
About 80% of the sales come from Our Two Web Sites. The Internet is our main source for Sales. Each one of our webs have almost 400 pages, We submit them twice a month to the search engines like:

Yahoo, MSN, Alexa, Claymont, Entireweb.com, Google, AOL, Netscape, Won, Suarch it, Searchalot, Walhello, Inter-Change, Lokseek.com, jayde online directory, mallpark, nerd word media, on a Mision Scrub the web, seach engine project.com, what's new, zensearch, Alta vista,

We optimize the web for a friendly key word readiness by using B-Cental

We do not falsely boast of advertising in countless publications or TV programs, such marketing would be prohibitive in cost for any resale agency and simply put, is not done. We do advertise on the local newspaper periodically and mayor supermarkets where the tourism in Branson will go.

Branson has 26 Timeshare Resort and 12 Travel Clubs Actively
Selling. Branson Welcomes 8,000,000 tourist annually about 90% of these attends a Sales Presentation. We are Conveniently located on the Strip Hwy 76, between the Appletree Mall and Galleria Mexico Big Art and Craft Shops that bring Tourists to the area.

We are affiliated with a number of reputable brokerages and CO-broke each other's listings. By doing so, more brokers are working to achieve success with your listing.
Because of our success with purchasers and sellers, they refer their friends to us for results.
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Net Cash Listing Agreement
No up front Commission
No appraisal fees
Non-Exclusive Listing
Free Rental Ad While property is For Sale
We make our Commission when we sell your time share property
there is a $399.00 Internet advertising fee to be listed on this Web site
and also  listed at
Both Web sites for the same price!
double the exposure!!!

We do all negotiations, We do all paperwork, we'll submit to you all offers on your property, at Closing we use an Escrow, to warranty buyer and seller satisfaction.

How people find what they looking for? By using search engines.
If you do not have good search engines and keep this updated every day, nobody will find your web. This is where we put 100% of our effort and it may be the way you found us today. Am I correct?

If you find yourself not using your timeshare property, fill in the form and we will contact you or give us a call at 1-800-516-8770
We'll love to help you find another person that can use your timeshare

 How much does it cost to list my Travel Club?
We do not charge 50% of the Commission up front or
100 % like most Timeshare Resale Companies.
We make our Commission when we sell your timeshare property
there is a $399.00 Internet advertising fee  
TILL SOLD to be listed on this Web site


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The Timeshare beat published: That the recent 2003 UCLA Internet Report  Clearly demonstrates that the Internet is responsible for up to 60% of timeshare rescissions!
In addition to rescissions caused by the Internet, every day the sales center loses more  money because of savvy Internet users, at least 20% of guests listen to the presentation, like the idea and can't wait to get online to see what kind of a "deal" they can get through the Resale Market.
An excellent service to help sell your timeshare We have better financing than most Resorts.
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